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Transform your health and regain your life with our natural Health and Vitamin Supplements.

Be Your Best Self

In today’s fast changing world, more and more people are confused about health supplements. At Life Science Health we’ve created supplements to support your body all day, every day. When you look after health, you feel great.

Our Products


Turmeric Curcumin High Strength 1200mg with Bioperine 5mg

It’s a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and also helps to improve symptoms of inflammation, and arthritis.


Ultra Strength Vitamin D3 4000 iu

This is used to boost people’s immune systems and assists in strengthening bones and muscles.

What Our Customers Say

" have been taking turmeric for 2 months now and have noticed many benefits, likely due to the anti-inflammatory properties within turmeric. As an athlete, it is essential to recover well in-between training sessions in order to execute the following sessions to the best of your ability to optimise the training stimulus and therefore improve performance. Since I have been consuming turmeric, I have noticed that I have been able to recover better than I usually would with markedly reduced DOMS, allowing me to train at a higher intensity more frequently. This has also meant that I have not experienced any injuries or niggles within this time as my body feels fresher when I am training. Competitions are starting back up in May, which I am looking forward to after most events being cancelled last year. Initially, I will just be racing at low-key meets which will be good for me to gain some experience in a new event (800m) and if all goes well I'm hoping to compete at the British and Scottish championships later in the year."

- Jill Cherry - GB Team Athlete

"Superior quality vitamins, excellent service, order arrived quickly. Good strength of vitamins, I felt a difference almost immediately. I have recommended these vitamins to family members too. I would definitely recommend and will be buying from this company again. "

- James

"I have been taking the vitamin d£ for six months now, and overall I feel great. Before taking the vitamin D3 supplement, I got my blood taken and was advised that my vitamin D3 was low; however, it now has returned to normal. "

- Teresa

"I suffer from arthritis and have been in a lot of pain, since taking this organic turmeric curcumin my pain has halved. I have just ordered more, and I’m also telling people that are in pain to give it a try. Excellent product, thank you."

- Louise

"Such a tiny tablet! Very easy to swallow. My psoriasis has been a lot better, and I haven’t been sick in ages. "

- Mark

"Really pleased with the product. Swelling reduced in finger joints & virtually pain free! Excellent service! Many thanks. "

- Andy

At Life Science Health, we know you value your health and feeling the best you can. With the challenges we are currently facing, it is difficult for people to get sufficient levels of micronutrients from food and environmental sources. To be living your healthiest life, you need to know what you are putting into your body.

The problem is, with thousands of supplements available, you can feel overwhelmed or confused. You have probably been asking yourself, which ones are safe and effective? How much should I take to see results? Do they actually work?

We believe that individuals should be confident in what supplement they take, over the years we have carried out extensive research for our patients which has ultimately produced our evidence based supplements. On a daily basis, we work with a great number of patients to help resolve their back, joint and health problems. Having over 25 years of medical and osteopathy experience, we have gained substantial knowledge and understanding of both health and disease which has assisted us in developing our science based supplement range.

Our supplement ingredients are natural and, our professional nutritionists cautiously and scientifically formulate all of our supplements for maximum effectiveness and absorption whilst ensuring they are comfortable on the stomach and easy to swallow.

Transform your health and regain your life through exploring and taking our Natural Health and Vitamin Supplements. A healthy you is right at the heart of a happy you.